ERDI courses are Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant. The classification levels are: Awareness, Operations, and Technician. All ERDI programs are available to public safety professionals regardless of their position within a department. 

Highlighted Courses


The ERD Full Face Mask Course provides the skills and knowledge for the ERD diver to utilize full face masks for emergency response diving.

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This course develops the knowledge and skills that are necessary for dry suit diving operations in emergency response diving. Introducing fundamental skills of dry suit diving and much more

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This course is designed to give a certified open water diver, or open water certified public safety diver, the fundamental skills needed to safely function as part of a public safety dive team in both the diver and tender roles. 

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This course furthers the public safety knowledge and advances emergency response diving. The course will examine lifting techniques, encapsulation, a victim’s death, and much more

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 This course is to qualify the experienced emergency response divers to supervise emergency response diving teams. It also serves to develop leadership qualities as a prerequisite for ERDI Instructor. 

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ERD Instructor

This course is the next step in the ERDI Professional realm. The course prepares and teaches candidates to conduct ERD Tender, ERD I, ERD II and ERD Supervisor Courses under the guidance of an ERD Instructor Trainer. 

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Courses available

  • Vehicle Sub-Surface Extrication 
  • Auto Sub-Surface Extraction Search and Recovery Instructor 
  • ERD Swift Water
  • Still Water Surface Rescue
  • ERD Surface Supply Ops
  • Firefighter Water Survival Instructor
  • Still Water Surface Rescue Instructor
  • Sidemount 
  • Sidemount Instructor
  • ERD Swift Water 
  • ERD Surface Supply Ops 
  • Prism2 Air Diluent Deco
  • ERD Contaminated Water Ops
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox
  • Scubility
  • ERD Small Boad Ops
  • ERD Surface Ice Rescue Ops
  • CPR & AED and CPR & AED Instructor

Dive 911 - FAQ

Who is

The premier Public Safety Dive training group in the South East.  Dive911 brings the most experience and the most innovative training to your team.  Dive911 is your one source stop for your Public Safety Dive team training and knowledge base.  From stage one to continuing education

What does offer?

Dive911 is a full service Public Safety Dive instruction organization.  From basic scuba open water certification to Public Safety Diving instructors, they can teach it all. works with you to determine your team needs and expectations.  You build a lasting relationship with your instructor.  You learn the right way the first time.

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